Gang steals $30million from a LA cash vault daring Easter Sunday raid after breaking in through the roof in one of the city’s biggest ever heists

Gang steals $30million from a LA cash vault daring Easter Sunday raid after breaking in through the roof in one of the city’s biggest ever heists

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Thieves stole as much $30 million in an Easter Sunday burglary at a Los Angeles money storage facility in one of the largest cash heists in city history, police said Wednesday.

The burglary occurred on Sunday night at a facility in the Sylmar area of the San Fernando Valley, on the northeastern edge of LA, where cash from businesses across the region is handled and stored, LAPD Commander Elaine Morales told the Los Angeles Times.

Local media reported that the thieves targeted the GardaWorld facility in Sylmar. 

The burglars were able to breach the building as well as the safe where the money was stored without breaching a single security measure, by breaking through the roof. 

While there did not appear to be any damage done to the roof, local news footage showed a patched up hole on the side of the building. 

The LAPD are hunting for the perpetrators of the massive heist

Debris lay around it, though it is unclear what this may have been used for or if it was related to Sunday’s theft. 

The operators of the business, whom police did not themselves identify, did not discover the massive theft until they opened the vault on Monday.

Law enforcement sources told the LA Times that very few people would’ve known about the massive amounts of cash being stored in the safe that was stolen from.  

The break-in is among the largest cash burglaries in Los Angeles history, and the total surpassed any armored-car heist in the city as well.

The LAPD said it it working with the FBI to solve the case. Authorities believe that a crew was responsible for the break-in, though no information about potential suspects was immediately available.  

The theft comes nearly two years after as much as $100 million in jewels and other valuables were stolen from a Brink’s big rig at a Southern California truck stop.

The cargo trailer was heading for a jewelry show in Pasadena, and the driver decided to stop at a rest stop, before someone broke in and stole the cargo. 

To this day, the thief, or thieves, still have not been caught. 

Across the pond, the Sylmar robber has drawn comparison to the Hatton Garden heist in 2015, in which up to $23.4 million was stolen from a safe deposit facility in London’s exclusive Hatton Garden district. 

The burglars drilled through the 20inch thick vault walls of the vault over the Easter Weekend, a public holiday in the UK. 

The thieves then took millions of dollars worth of valuable away in wheelable bins.  

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