LinkedIn is planning some AI-powered upgrades for paid business accounts

LinkedIn is planning some AI-powered upgrades for paid business accounts

LinkedIn is looking to drive revenue and increase engagement by introducing new AI-powered upgrades for paid small and medium-sized business accounts.

A report by TechCrunch claims the Microsoft-owned platform plans to introduce a new LinkedIn Premium Company Page subscription, with pricing expected to be as much as $99 per month.

Among other perks, the new premium membership will unsurprisingly include an injection of generative AI to help account holders produce new content to engage audiences.

LinkedIn Premium Company Page is on the way

A new LinkedIn support page appears to confirm the introduction of the new SMB tier, which is said to include AI-powered post writing assistance designed to optimize content and enhance drafts.

Other features include a call-to-action button that’s displayed at the top of the Page, next to Page posts in the LinkedIn feed, and in search results, customer testimonials, and tools to engage with engaged audiences.

The LinkedIn Premium Company Page, which the company asserts is a different subscription to other LinkedIn Premium subscriptions like LinkedIn Premium Business, will also include a LinkedIn Premium logo displayed on the company page.

A LinkedIn spokesperson confirmed with TechCrunch the upcoming changes: “We’re always exploring new ways to enhance our customers’ experience and assist them in achieving their business goals. Currently, we’re testing a new offering with small-to-medium business customers, called Premium Company Page, which is designed to help them attract customers, build credibility, and stand out to their audience.”

Ever since Microsoft’s multibillion-dollar investment into OpenAI, LinkedIn has been getting frequent AI enhancements that the company hopes will help it to stand out among other rival social media platforms, such as X, which seems to be undergoing a slow transition to becoming an ‘everything’ app, including offering recruitment tools.

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