Slack is bringing all its AI tools to more customers than ever — but it won’t come cheap

Slack is bringing all its AI tools to more customers than ever — but it won’t come cheap

Keeping abreast of all your latest work updates and conversations could soon get much easier thanks to an AI-powered expansion from Slack.

The online collaboration platform has revealed its Slack AI service will now be available to all paying customers, giving businesses everywhere access to time-saving and efficiency-boosting tools.

The company is also launching a new recap feature that is able to provide a daily morning digest of summaries for channels it thinks are important to the user.

Slack AI expansion

First unveiled in September 2023, the company says Slack AI is already saving users huge amounts of time every week by finding answers and sharing knowledge.

On offer in English, Spanish, and Japanese, with additional language support coming soon, the platform is available now as a paid add-on for all premium Slack plans, costing $10 per user per month across the Slack Pro and Business+ tiers.

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The company says its new recap feature will particularly help users who can’t always find time for all the channels they’re interested in. After adding a channel to their recap, users will receive a daily digest with anything they may have missed, with Slack AI also offering personalized channel recommendations based on their past Slack activity.

Slack AI will also now include smarter search answers that the company says will provide “personalized, intelligent responses to conversational questions”, giving users answers in clear and concise language, directly referring to relevant Slack messages. 

There will also be better conversation summaries which can provide highlights from channels and threads, letting users quickly catch up on anything they may have missed, access daily summaries, and see the sources of specific entries or notes.

Going forward, the company says it is working on boosting Slack AI’s search and summarization capabilities by accessing a range of data sources – including files, Slack apps, canvases, and clips – in order to give Slack AI a broader and deeper field of context.

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