I found fool-proof way to stop drivers taking my parking spot & £3 The Range tool is perfect – it’ll keep anyone away

I found fool-proof way to stop drivers taking my parking spot & £3 The Range tool is perfect – it’ll keep anyone away

A YOUTUBER shared a clever trick to stop other drivers taking his favourite parking spot.

All it requires is a cheap £3 tool from The Range and the spot will be yours for the taking.

A driver put tape around his parking spot to stop people parking in his space
A driver put tape around his parking spot to stop people parking in his spaceCredit: YouTube
All he needed was some orange duck tape and a cone
All he needed was some orange duck tape and a coneCredit: The Range

TC time took to the streaming site to share the savvy hack – and it has the internet in a spin.

He starts by saying: “I just want to show everybody how to reserve a parking spot for themselves.”

He explains how there is a festival in his neighbourhood and everyone always parks right in front of his house which makes his wife “extremely mad.”

The video shows a vehicle surrounded by orange tape with a cone which is, according to TC, “alright as long as it’s not paint.”

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He continues: “Orange usually means no parking and I have this professional-looking cone.”

He concluded by saying: “It worked, not one single person parked in out spot.”

The clip had mixed responses in the comments section.

One person was less than amused writing: “I’d still park there and throw that cone across the street.”

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While another agreed saying: “You forgot that the street is public property and any one can park there whether you like it or not, you bought the house not the street or even the sidewalk.

“Be glad that I don’t live there because I will be parking in front of your house every day just to prove my point.”

But others flocked to the man’s support with one even branding him a “hero”.

Their everything is going to get towed!’ warn officials demanding designated parking spaces for people living in cars

One person commented: “A great video ! You definitely helped a lot of people. I hate disrespectful neighbours.”

Another agreed and said: “You are my hero! I have inconsiderate neighbours and was looking for ideas!”

A third offered: “I checked it out.. Using tape as long as it isn’t yellow, is legal. Pretty cool loophole.”

“Another wasn’t sure but after some fact checking found it to be on the right side of the law.”

Orange tape can be purchased from The Range for just £3.


It comes as a driving instructor says his hack could help learners master parallel parking on their first try.

Motoring whizz Pin, from Staffordshire, revealed eight easy steps to make sure you park perfectly each time.

He said the three “reference points” for reverse parallel parking will be different depending on your car.

Posting on TikTok, he said: “Carry out observations and pull up next to the parked vehicle – around a metre away.

“Then put the handbrake up, select the reverse gear and carry out observations again.

“Put your handbrake down and start reversing until the first reference point.

“The first reference point is when the back of the other vehicle is halfway across your back window.

“Check the right blind spot – then steer once to the left.”

“Steer twice to the right, and once to the left.


“Then continue reversing, leaving enough room to move off.

“The third reference point is when your car is parallel with the kerb.”

Parking Outside Your Home

THERE is nothing worse than getting back after a long day to find you cannot park anywhere near your own home.

Many people hear so many untruths on the internet and social media regarding parking disputes, we decided to give you the lowdown on what can and can’t be done legally if you suffer from such a problem.

How can I stop my neighbour using my parking spot?

The first thing to remember is that nobody has an automatic right to park outside their own home.

With this in mind, you will need to resolve the situation in an amicable manner, so it is important to remain calm.

Always remember, providing they are not breaking the Highway Code, all road users are technically entitled to park outside your house in most instances.

Having a friendly word with the neighbour in question is the first port of call, you may find that they did not realise that their parking habits bothered you.

What are my parking rights?

The main thing to consider when it comes to the law on parking and also recommendations from the Highway Code is that is all comes down to common sense and good manners in the main.

While people look upon it as an “unwritten rule” that the owner of a house should be entitled to park outside, that is sadly all it is.

Even in the case of someone blocking your driveway, it is only a common courtesy not to park directly in front of it, giving the property owner access to their own drive..

The Highway Code, paragraph 207, asks that people DO NOT park their vehicle where it might cause an obstruction to other pedestrians or road users, and cites the example of not parking in front of another person’s driveway.

In essence, while there are certain rules and regulations under the Highway Code relating to parking on public highways, mostly it’s a matter of common decency and courtesy.

How do I report a parking problem?

Firstly, most police websites state the following:

If a parking space is available on a public road, even if it’s directly outside your house, anyone is allowed to park in it. We appreciate this can be frustrating, especially if spaces are hard to come by on your street.

They also deem an illegally parked car to be:

If the vehicle is parked:

  • on zig zag lines
  • dangerously
  • in a way that would prevent emergency vehicles from accessing

If these apply to your situation then you can go to your local police constabulary website and fill in the relevant contact form.


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