Another Boeing Plane Narrowly Avoids Disaster After Landing Gear Failure

Another Boeing Plane Narrowly Avoids Disaster After Landing Gear Failure

A Boeing 767 cargo plane operated by FedEx survived a touchdown at Istanbul Airport in Turkey without its front landing gear Wednesday, with video showing sparks and smoke flying from the plane after it tilted forward and hit the ground.

Turkey’s Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, posted footage of the incident on X, while confirming that no one was injured in the incident.

The flight was arriving from Charles de Gaulle in Paris when its pilot alerted the traffic control tower in Turkey that its landing gear had failed to deploy.

Uraloğlu said airport officials helped the plane land safely with emergency fire extinguishing equipment and emergency response and medical teams on standby should the worst occur.

Two pilots were evacuated and were cleared after medical checks, he added.

Subsequent videos posted by Uraloğlu show officials inspecting the aircraft before moving it off the runway. An explanation for the the landing gear’s failure was not provided, though he said teams were investigating.

The hard landing comes after the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration confirmed a fresh investigation into Boeing Monday, after the aircraft manufacturer disclosed possible failures on mandatory safety inspections of its 787 Dreamliner planes.

The FAA was “investigating whether Boeing completed the inspections and whether company employees may have falsified aircraft records,” it said.

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