Best Air Purifier Deals: Save Hundreds on Purifiers From Your Favorite Brands     – CNET

Best Air Purifier Deals: Save Hundreds on Purifiers From Your Favorite Brands – CNET

$159 at Coway


Coway Airmega AP-1512HH Wi-Fi HEPA air purifier: $159

Save $81

$152 at Amazon


HoMedics TotalClean 5-in-1 tower, extra large: $152

Save $98

$220 at HSN


LivePure Bali Multi-Room HEPA Air Purifier w/Air Quality Sensing: $220

Save $180

Having clean air, especially in your home, is very important for your respiratory health. Indoor air quality can be degraded by many factors, including pollen, wildfire smoke, dust, mold, pet dander, vehicle emissions and other air pollutants. If you regularly find yourself affected by poor air quality, putting an air purifier in your home or office might help.

Many manufacturers make air purifiers these days, with filtration systems that are designed to tackle numerous types of irritants and germs (we’ve found that the better ones typically have some form of HEPA filter). 

Beyond filtration, you’ll find a lot of variation in these devices, and many factors will go into picking which air purifier to buy, including size, style, price and special features. Another important thing to consider is the size of the space you’re dealing with. If you buy an air purifier that’s too small for your room, you won’t reap the benefits. So, keep that in mind as you shop.

With all this variety in products, you’ll also see a big range in prices, with some air purifiers running several hundred dollars. The good news is you can often find deals that bring those prices down. We’ve rounded up some of the best air purifier deals available and have tried to include discounted options for every environment, from the smallest rooms to an entire house. We’ll update this list regularly as deals expire and new offers crop up at various retailers, so keep checking back.

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best air purifier deals


Improve your indoor air quality at home or in the office with this tower that can clean the air in rooms up to 167 square feet. Dust, pet dander and other common allergens will be reduced with the HEPA filter. It also features UV-C light to kill germs and reduce volatile organic compounds in the air. 

best air purifier deals


A former CNET favorite, this true HEPA air purifier features a four-stage filtration system that includes deodorization and ion filtration technology that removes pet dander, dust and other allergen particles for better air quality in your home or office. It also features a timer and will notify you when you need to change the filter. This air purifier is a great option for midsize rooms up to 361 square feet, and it’s even Wi-Fi enabled, so you can connect to it with your phone.

best air purifier deals


This air purifier covers air cleaning and filtration for up to 343 square feet. That makes this option an excellent choice for large rooms. It features 360-degree true HEPA filtration and a UV-C light that can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It also has five speed settings and night-light and aromatherapy options. Right now the extra-large model is $98 off.

best air purifier deals


The Hathaspace Smart Air Purifier has an H11 true HEPA air filter and cleans the air quietly, removing 99.9% of pollen, dust, smoke, mold, pet dander and more up to 700 square feet. It even extracts odor from the air. Because of its thinner profile, it doesn’t take up much room compared to some of the competition. With Auto mode activated, your air purifier’s smart air quality sensor detects pollutants in the air and adjusts the fan speed in real-time.

best air purifier deals


This purifying fan has HEPA filtration and air sensing as well. It can capture up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including smoke, dust, pollen, pet hair and dander, mold spores and dust mite debris. You can grab one now for $180 off the retail price.

best air purifier deals

David Priest/CNET

If you’re looking for an air purifier with true HEPA filtration technology powerful enough to cover your entire house, this is a solid pick. The price tag is hefty, yes, but if you are going to have to buy multiple air filters for different rooms, this one-stop machine might be worth the price, especially with the current discount. This air purifier has multiple fan speed settings, smart settings that adjust fan speed according to air quality and timers and it will cover up to 1,560 square feet of living space.

best air purifier deals


This smart H13 HEPA air purifier helps remove pet dander, pollen, smoke and harmful particles from the air. The dual-channel technology and 360-degree air outlet, as well as the tightly designed prefilters, improve the filtration effect, taking care of any particles larger than 0.3 microns. Plus, this device filters the air up to five times per hour in rooms up to 215 square feet. It’s also quiet, with a sleep mode that runs at 22 decibels, allowing you to rest without interruption. Right now, the white model is 29% off, and you can clip an on-page coupon for another $10 off.

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