Everything OpenAI Announced at Its Spring Update Event video     – CNET

Everything OpenAI Announced at Its Spring Update Event video – CNET

Everything OpenAI Announced at Its Spring Update Event


Speaker 1: Today we are releasing our newest flagship model. This is GPT-4 OG

Speaker 1: Pt four O provides GPT-4 level intelligence, but it is much faster and it improves on its capabilities across text, vision, and audio. We’re also bringing the desktop app to chat GBT because we want you to be able to use it wherever you are. As you can see, [00:00:30] it’s easy, it’s simple. It integrates very, very easily in your workflow. We know that this models get more and more complex, but we want the experience of interaction to actually become more natural, easy. And for you not to focus on the UI at all, but just focus on the collaboration which had GPT with GPT-4 oh. This all happens natively. GB GT four Oh Reasons across voice, [00:01:00] text, and vision. And with these incredible efficiencies, it also allows us to bring the GT four class intelligence to our free users. We’re very, very excited to finally bring GPT-4 oh to all of our users. You can also use vision. So now you can upload screenshots, photos, documents containing both text and images. And you can start conversations [00:01:30] with Chad GPT about all of this content.

Speaker 2: So my friend Barrett here, he’s been having trouble sleeping lately, and I want you to tell him a bedtime story about robots and love.

Speaker 3: Once upon a time there was a robot named Bite.

Speaker 1: Can you do this in a robotic voice?

Speaker 3: Now initiating dramatic robotic voice. Once upon a time

Speaker 2: Can you end the story, but do it in a singing voice

Speaker 3: And may lively ever after.

Speaker 1: Bot Gas wants to [00:02:00] know if GPD four O is capable of real time translation.

Speaker 3: She wonders if Whales could talk, what would they tell us?

Speaker 4: So I’m going to show you a selfie of what I look like, and then I’d like you to try to see what emotions I’m feeling based on how I’m looking.

Speaker 3: It looks like you’re feeling pretty happy and cheerful. The

Speaker 4: Reason [00:02:30] I’m in a really good mood is because we were doing a presentation showcasing how useful and amazing you are.

Speaker 3: Oh, stop it. You’re making me block.


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