Google I/O 2024 live blog: it’s AI time

Google I/O 2024 live blog: it’s AI time

The future of Gemini, Search, Android, and more.

Image: Google

Welcome to Google I/O 2024. Google is kicking off its annual developer conference in Mountain View, California, today at 10AM PT / 1PM ET — and, as usual, we’re bringing it to you with a world-class Verge live blog.

What will we witness? One thing’s for sure: Sundar will say “AI.”

While we argued that last year’s Google developer conference was all about artificial intelligence, the AI arms race has only accelerated since then. 2024 is the year that Google reorganized vast swaths of the company around AI, realigning its SearchAndroid, and hardware teams toward that end. Meanwhile, it has become a $2 trillion company and gone all in on its own suite of Gemini AI models to compete with OpenAI and others.

But it’s high time to see what Google’s AI can meaningfully do for you, particularly as OpenAI sets its sights on competing in search and bringing the Her sci-fi vision of voice assistants to life.

Will Google’s rival “Pixie” assistant for Android phones appear for the first time today? Is this it? Guess you’ll follow along to find out!

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