Google Photos Is Getting Gemini AI Search With ‘Ask Photos’     – CNET

Google Photos Is Getting Gemini AI Search With ‘Ask Photos’ – CNET

Google is adding an artificial intelligence assistant to photo searches with its AI tool Gemini, it announced during its annual developers conference Google I/O Tuesday morning. 

In what sounds to be an AI extension of its memories feature — where Google Photos resurfaces your pictures from a year or two ago each day, and makes a highlights album with some of your most-photographed people — “Ask Photos” will let you search your images for specific moments by asking Google Photos a question, providing you with AI overviews.

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“Thanks to Gemini, we can create much more powerful search experiences, including within our product,” Google said at the event. 

You can already search Google Photos through text, for instance searching for “license” to find a picture of your driver’s license, but Google says the Gemini addition will allow for more complex queries.

“For example, you might be reminiscing about your daughter Lucia’s early milestones. You can ask photos, ‘when did Lucia learn to swim?’ You can even follow up with something more complex: ‘Show me how Lucia’s swimming has progressed,'” Google explained.

google photos is getting gemini ai search with ask photos

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We don’t know yet the parameters for excluding any unwanted photos from your searches, and it’s worth noting that Gemini has been known to hallucinate. Google says, though, that it will recognize different contexts — like the difference between swimming lessons in a pool compared to snorkeling in the ocean. 

Ask Google will be launching in the summer.

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