Google’s new LearnLM AI model focuses on education

Google’s new LearnLM AI model focuses on education


LearnLM is already integrated into Google products like Android and YouTube.

Illustration: The Verge

Google says its new AI model, LearnLM, will help students with their homework.

LearnLM, a family of AI models based on Google’s other large language mode, Gemini, was built to be an expert in subjects, find and present examples in different ways like a photo or video, coach students while studying, and, in Google’s words, “inspire engagement.” 

Google has already integratedLearnLM into its products, bundling it with other services like Google Search, Android, YouTube, and the Gemini chatbot. For example, customers can use Circle to Search on Android to highlight a math or physics word problem, and LearnLM will help solve the question. On YouTube, while watching a lecture video, viewers can ask questions about the video, and the model will respond with an explanation. 

Some AI models, such as Microsoft’s Orca-Math AI model, can answer math questions pretty reliably — the ability to answer math questions is one of the benchmarks that measure LLM performance — and Google boasted that Gemini aced the math benchmark better than GPT-4.

Google says LearnLM was specifically “fine-tuned” to only respond and find answers based on educational research. In other words, LearnLM will not help someone plan a trip or find a restaurant. 

Google says it’s working with educators in a new pilot program on Google Classroom so they can use LearnLM to simplify lesson planning. The company is also experimenting with Illuminate, a platform that will break down research papers into short audio clips with AI-generated voices. Ideally, this will help students understand complex information better. 

Google also partnered with Columbia’s Teachers College, Arizona State University, NYU Tisch, and Khan Academy to provide feedback to LearnLM.

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