I’m a dog groomer – a ‘hyper and crazy’ breed is ‘the bane of my existence,’ I have never ever met a smart one

I’m a dog groomer – a ‘hyper and crazy’ breed is ‘the bane of my existence,’ I have never ever met a smart one

A DOG with an excitable personality has proven to be one of the most unpopular breeds among pet groomers. 

They discussed the rarity of finding well-behaved canines that listen to instructions.

Pet groomers confessed they don't see the appeal of owning a doodle (stock image)
Pet groomers confessed they don’t see the appeal of owning a doodle (stock image)Credit: Getty

Dog groomers are experts in fur care, grooming, and diet, conducting health checks and giving pet owners advice.

A candid discussion about the least appealing breeds to own started on the Pet Groomer Forums website.

Posting under the handle Hucksmom, one dog groomer led the conversation about doodles.

“They are the bane of my existence,” they wrote.

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“I have never ever met a smart one. The ones I see are hyper and crazy. 

“They don’t listen at all and most of the owners I deal with that own them, either dog or the human have inherited each other’s traits. 

“It’s almost like they take the dumb traits from whatever dog they are crossed with and put them together. Rant over.”

A stream of commenters in the thread agreed and shared their experiences with doodles.

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“Yessssss. I’ve met one or two who are sweet and sane. But the rest I could REALLY do without,” one person wrote.

“LMAO! Huck, this would be my answer if I had to deal with doodles! (I only groom 35 lbs or less),” another said.

“I don’t see the appeal of Yorkies or Maltese… I agree they have limp, lifeless, or crazy a$$ hair… also don’t see the appeal of the giant drooling breeds… would rather be peed on or bit than drooled on, lol.”

“My two cents on the doodles—The ones that have really great owners that take care of them, exercise them, keep them mentally stimulated are great dogs,” a third commented.

Signs your dog could turn dangerous

Expert advice from Dr. Sara Ochoa, who has been practicing veterinary medicine for over five years.

Ochoa told The U.S. Sun observing a dog’s behavior can provide clues that they might act out.

“A dog that looks tense all over with its fur sticking up or teeth showing is more likely to snap,” she said.

“Staring real hard without blinking could mean trouble too.

“Growling is also a warning the dog is getting mad.”

She said dogs may tuck their tail between their legs when they feel scared or threatened.

“Staying calm and keeping space may help things not to escalate if a dog seems on edge,” she said. 

“The ones that belong to owners that, in my case, drop them off for kennel daycare, keep them locked up in the house all day, and give them about 30 minutes a night of play, don’t brush them, these are the ones that are the pains to deal with. 

“Again, I don’t blame the dog the fault lies with the owner.

“As for the dogs that I just don’t really understand the great attraction to, Chihuahuas.

“Only have a few of them that come through out of the millions that are around here, and of those only one is really really sweet.”

According to Spirit Dog, doodles are not recognized as a dog breed by the American Kennel Club.

The term describes any canine that is crossed with a poodle, such as a Labrador mixed with a poodle is a Labradoodle.


Due to their high energy, owners should spend at least 2 hours daily exercising and training their doodles. 

The breed is also known to bark and jump a lot.

A pet groomer said doodles don't listen and behave crazy (stock image)
A pet groomer said doodles don’t listen and behave crazy (stock image)Credit: Getty


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