Oracle CEO claims its main mission is to “advance humanity”

Oracle CEO claims its main mission is to “advance humanity”

Oracle CEO Safra Catz has revealed the company wants to use its cloud technology to help improve humanity worldwide.

Speaking to Nikkei Asia, Catz revealed that the company’s ultimate goal is to “advance humanity” through its enterprise software, database and cloud services.

The CEO addressed a series of questions regarding Oracle’s societal contributions, highlighting both the direct and indirect benefits of cloud migration as well as other company initiatives. 

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When asked about the negative aspects of technology, Catz didn’t fail to agree that there can be perceived downsides. However, with the right framing, even these can be seen in a positive light. The example given was the migration of a city’s permit application portal, which was to be made available online.

Although some of the system’s users would be unable to access the digital version, Catz said that by enabling online self-service for those capable, workers would have more free time to help those requiring in-person support.

Catz also addressed emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, dismissing fears of widespread job displacement, but rather foreseeing AI’s role in creating new opportunities and supporting human workers to be even more productive.

However, the company has faced scrutiny in recent months over its financial achievements. Oracle reported a 44% operating margin in the third quarter of its 2024 financial year, when it attracted $13.3 billion in revenue, up 7% year-on-year.

More broadly, the company has made other efforts to encourage diversity and inclusivity, including appointing high-profile leaders from all over the world and building an on-campus high school which has a dedicated curriculum for young women.

Catz summarized: “If you dig under the surface of everything we do, it’s probably motivated by trying to really advance humanity.”

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