Piers Morgan Says Netflix ‘Failed’ ‘Baby Reindeer’s Real-Life Martha

Piers Morgan Says Netflix ‘Failed’ ‘Baby Reindeer’s Real-Life Martha

One week after his contentious interview with Fiona Harvey—the real-life inspiration behind Netflix’s hit series Baby Reindeer, which details the obsessive habits of a stalker—Piers Morgan seems to be reconsidering his take on the situation. Appearing on ITV’s Lorraine on Tuesday, the British host argued that Netflix “failed in their duty of care to Harvey, there’s no question about that.”

Harvey was rapidly tracked down and identified by fans of the Netflix series, which was written by and stars Richard Gadd. In the show, Gadd plays a fictionalized version of himself as the target of a prolific stalker named Martha who sends him thousands of emails, hundreds of voicemails, and even physically assaults him.

Morgan pressed Harvey hard during his interview with her, which has already accumulated close to 11 million views on YouTube. Harvey conceded to Morgan that “there may have been a couple of emails,” that she sent to Gadd, but she insisted she “didn’t lunge at him across the bar, I didn’t go to jail.”

Addressing whether Baby Reindeer and Netflix caused harm to Harvey, Morgan told ITV, “The key question is whether they’ve defamed her. If you accuse somebody of being a convicted stalker and they’re not a convicted stalker, that’s a pretty serious mistake to make.”

Morgan added that his team had to persuade him to do the interview with Harvey, which he called “one of the biggest things I’ve ever been involved in.”

As for Harvey, she’s demanding payment from Netflix and wants the streamer to remove the show from its platform. “If I can’t get that show to shut down easily, if they don’t give me the money—and I’m talking £1M—politicians will shut the show down,” she told The Daily Record.


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