I can’t believe my friend’s shockingly rude response to my pregnancy announcement – am I over-reacting?

I can’t believe my friend’s shockingly rude response to my pregnancy announcement – am I over-reacting?

A woman revealed the ‘rude’ message she received from a friend after announcing her pregnancy – and says the cruel comment will stick with her for years.

The 29-year-old got married four months ago, and later decided to tell her family and friends she was pregnant after her 12-week scan.

She sent out photos of the ultrasound and among the many congratulatory messages was a comment she ‘never saw coming’.

‘You looked fatter in your wedding photos,’ it read. ‘Now I know why.’

The text was accompanied by a laughing emoji and was apparently meant as a joke.

But the soon-to-be mum couldn’t believe the disrespect – because she wasn’t pregnant at the time of her wedding.

‘A family friend said I looked fat on my wedding day,’ she said on Reddit. ‘Also not that it should matter what my weight is, but I’m not overweight at all.’

She told her brother about the comment, which caused an argument between the two men.

The siblings have known the family friend for 20 years and the joke was seemingly out of character for him.

‘I’ve never heard this guy make a joke in the 20 years I’ve known him,’ she added in a comment. ‘He’s a history professor who takes himself too seriously.’

Another mum said she also received similar comments when she announced her pregnancy.

‘I had something similar happen to me. I was six weeks pregnant when my husband proposed. When we told my grandma at 12 weeks, she said, “Oh, that’s why your stomach looked so huge in your proposal pictures!” Mind you, when I was about 16 weeks, I looked bloated at best,’ a woman shared.

Others slammed the man’s impolite behaviour.

‘This is not a friend. Keep some distance,’ one said.

‘That’s so mean,’ another added.

A third wrote, ‘I will never understand why people think that they’re entitled to comment on other peoples’ bodies. I’m sure you looked stunning, and this a**hole does not deserve to share in your joy. Congrats on your growing family!’


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