I’m a gardening expert & my 20p trick will help to banish slugs in your garden for good – it never fails

I’m a gardening expert & my 20p trick will help to banish slugs in your garden for good – it never fails

A GARDENING expert has revealed a 20p trick that will help to banish slugs in your garden. 

And now that we are officially entering the Summer months, many of those with gardens will be getting them ready to relax in.

Many gardening fans may start to notice pests attacking their plants
Many gardening fans may start to notice pests attacking their plantsCredit: Alamy

In fact, an estimated 27 million Brits partake in gardening activities and 42 per cent of UK residents enjoy gardening during their leisure time, according to a survey by Cladco Decking. 

But one annoyance that some garden fanatics may start to notice are pests hovering around their plants and chomping away at them. 

Snails and slugs are one of the biggest concerns for gardeners when it comes to caring for their plants.

But rather than fork out on products from the stores, experts have revealed that there is a much cheaper alternative which avoids the use of strong chemicals. 


Steve Chiltern, gardening expert at LeisureBench, recommends using coffee grounds to benefit the health of your garden plants. 

He says: “Used coffee grounds will mean that you’re wasting less as they’ve actually been used. 

“Used coffee grounds also tend to rot down quicker.”

Petar Ivanov, gardening expert at Fantastic Gardeners, also explained that using fresh coffee grounds shouldn’t be used unless it’s necessary. 

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He adds: “You’ll need to keep the caffeine and pH levels in mind when using fresh grounds.”

Make a compost 

Petar recommends adding coffee grounds to compost containers or worm bins, as it will improve the soil structure and make the plants grow better. 

He says: “Since used coffee grounds decompose so well, they are a great way to make compost as they are a great source of nitrogen and potassium, which are very nutritious for your plants.”

Natural deterrent 

Steve also explained that the use of coffee grounds can be a “natural deterrent for certain pests.” 

These pests include snails and slugs, which are not a fan of the abrasive texture and smell. 

This is done by sprinkling coffee grounds around the plant, so ensure a barrier is created to keep the pests away. 

Keep pests out all summer

Hornets and wasps – hate the smell of peppermint oil so spraying this liberally around your patio or balcony can help to keep them at bay.

Moths – acidic household white vinegar is effective for deterring moths. Soak some kitchen roll in vinegar and leave it in your wardrobe as a deterrent.

Flying ants – herbs and spices, such as cinnamon, mint, chilli pepper, black pepper, cayenne pepper, cloves, or garlic act as deterrents.

Mosquitoes – plants, herbs and essential oil fragrances can help deter mossies inside and out. Try eucalyptus, lavender and lemongrass.

Plant fertiliser 

Steve also explained that used coffee grounds can work as a natural fertiliser. 

This can be done by sprinkling them onto the soil.

However, whilst some plants love coffee grounds, others do not. 

Steve says: “You should avoid using it on anything that prefers an alkaline soil – so the likes of tomatoes and lavender.

“As previously mentioned, coffee grounds are an effective pest deterrent, especially when it comes to slugs and snails.”


According to experts, diluting brewed coffee with equal parts water is enough to achieve results when looking to deter snails and slugs. 

The technique is also an organic one too, which avoids using harsh chemicals from products. 


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