We’re proof aliens exist… because we’re from outer space. Meet the wives who claim they’re ‘starseeds’ sent here to heal humanity… as their husbands tell what it’s like to be married to one

We’re proof aliens exist… because we’re from outer space. Meet the wives who claim they’re ‘starseeds’ sent here to heal humanity… as their husbands tell what it’s like to be married to one

  • Some women believe that they are aliens in a human form known as ‘starseeds’
  • The term is becoming increasingly popular and is subject of a bestselling book
  • Here, four women and their husbands reveal what it’s like to really be a starseed 

Tycoons Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson’s firms have all been blasting off into space recently. But, for some women, visiting space isn’t enough.

They fervently believe the cosmos is their real home and that they’re alien beings in human form, sent here to make humanity a kinder race. Such individuals are known as ‘starseeds’.

Sound crazy? An internet search for the term returns around five million results, and the recently published Letters To A Starseed by Rebecca Campbell — a guide to help readers understand why starseeds are here — is a bestseller.

Samantha Brick spoke to four women who are convinced they are starseeds. So are they heaven-sent or space cadets? And what do their husbands think?

I get homesick for Andromeda

Spiritual coach Yolandi Boshoff, 44, is married to Rob Walker, 56, a software developer. They have a son, Ben, 12, and live in Sidmouth, Devon. She says:

‘Until 2014, my life was pretty conventional — I was working as a business analyst in the financial industry.

‘Then a close friend introduced me to the notion of past lives — you learn about previous incarnations under hypnosis — and, out of curiosity, I had a reading.

‘This was when I discovered I am actually from the Andromeda galaxy, 2.5million lightyears away.

‘The moment she said it, I burst into tears because I knew it was true. I ‘remembered’ that my soul had been reincarnated on this planet.

‘All at once, everything about my life made so much sense, as I’d never felt like I belonged here on Earth.

‘When I was made redundant a year later, I ended up studying more about my starseed family. Andromedans tend to be courageous and love to connect with people.

‘We know this because, over the centuries, many psychics, including the American faith healer Edgar Cayce, have channelled communication with the race. They are all about being true to yourself.

‘While our human brains can’t comprehend what their star system is like, as a race they are not like aliens or the characters in Star Wars. I see them as light beings.

‘As for Andromeda, geographically it is rocky, with lots of water, and visually it truly is out of this world. I describe it as a patina of colours: blues, purples, greens and that magical mixture of hues you see only in sunsets.

‘When I travel there during deep meditation, it feels as though I float around, not bound by gravity or the dense energies we feel on Earth.

‘When I first came to terms with my astral heritage, the feeling of homesickness intensified. During a holiday in 2018, I found myself crying on an outcrop in South Africa.

‘I was longing to go back to my star home, when suddenly I had this overwhelming protective sensation, with Mother Earth gently reminding me that I chose to be here.

‘My girlfriends are amazing about it — it’s common to come across your tribe and, perhaps unsurprisingly, many of them are starseeds, too. I do have other friends who are sceptical about this aspect of me, yet they know I’m not nuts.

‘My husband has been brilliantly non-judgmental. His philosophy in life is: ‘If it feels good for you, go ahead.’ He doesn’t want to know whether he is a starseed — his feet are firmly rooted in science. It is not his path.’

Rob says: ‘I’m immensely proud of Yolandi, but I won’t pretend that the idea of being a starseed isn’t a bit weird, because it is.

‘When people ask what my wife does, I tend to say she is a coach. If they do any digging they usually get a bit of a shock.

‘But we all have the right to our beliefs. I’m a scientist, but I’m not closed-minded.’

Yolandi’s book The Starseed Sacred Circle is out now 

My origin race looks like the blue beings in Avatar

Speaker agent and business consultant Kelly Tyler, 42, is married to Richard, 48, a corporate leadership speaker and coach. They live in Surbiton, South-West London. She says:

‘When I turned nine, I started seeing very bright lights in the sky, and before long a tall, blue being began to appear at the bottom of my garden. ‘He’ just looked at me and we didn’t speak, but while my rational mind was terrified, I had a real sense of calm.

‘I wrote a story about these experiences, even drawing a picture of the being. Needless to say my parents thought I had an active imagination.

‘But when I came across the term ‘starseed’ in my early 20s something clicked. It refers to someone who has incarnated here, in human form, from another dimension.

‘I discovered where I was from by ‘astral travelling’ — an out-of-body experience that happens when you’re in a deep meditative state.

‘I went back to Arcturus, a red giant star in the northern hemisphere that’s one of the easiest to spot. I found myself on the space ship Athena, which is the size of a city and is very high-tech.

Speaker agent and business consultant Kelly Tyler, 42, is married to Richard, 48, and says she believes she discovered where she was really from by ‘astral travelling’

‘As for what Arcturians are like, think of those tall, blue beings in the Avatar films. They have human qualities such as different genders and human-like facial features, yet they communicate telepathically.

‘Most importantly, they do no harm. According to those who have communicated with other races in the solar system, Arcturians are scientific and analytical.

‘We believe they have incarnated here to help the human race develop via technology. I use crystal energy, sacred geometry and healing ceremonies to help this process.

‘I find the human race very frustrating, not least because there is so much potential which we don’t use. We all have the ability to ‘see’ or ‘sense’ other dimensions, but can do it only by raising our consciousness.

‘How do you do this? It is really simple — live a life based on joy and love, immersed in nature, and in service to others.

‘Richard and I met in 2014 after being introduced by a mutual friend. I was attracted to his dynamic energy and grounded presence.

‘He knew I was a bit ‘out there’, and when I explained I was a starseed, he wasn’t put off. He just wanted to know more, and he’s open to the idea that there’s more to our universe than we think.

‘The only thing we disagree on is that Richard prefers to sleep with the curtains closed. When he is away I keep them open so I can see the stars — and my real home.’

Richard says: While I’d like to think I am open to most concepts, the idea of other dimensions and planetary species wasn’t on our school curriculum. I haven’t had any direct experience, but I do take Kelly’s word for it.

Only our close friends are aware of Kelly’s origins, so we often give each other a look when people say of Kelly: ‘I’ve not met someone like you before!’

In dreams I used to leave my body to travel the stars

Perinatal expert and spirituality coach Rosanna Kallibetsos Hanness, 43, is married to building firm owner Ian Hanness, 57. They have one child each and live in Peacehaven, East Sussex. Rosanna says:

‘As early as age four I had an awful fear of death and I didn’t feel as though I belonged here on Earth.

‘I used to leave my body in my dreams and astral travel back ‘home’. I was never scared — I believed everyone could do it.

‘When I was 14 my mum supported me in my desire to undergo rebirthing because I wanted to understand why I didn’t fit in. With the help of a spiritual teacher, I discovered that I had been separated from my star family.

‘I found that I was incarnated on this planet to help others. From then on, I had a purpose in life: school and a ‘normal’ job weren’t for me.

‘I identify most with the Pleiadian Star family.

Spirituality coach Rosanna Kallibetsos Hanness, 43, is married to building firm owner Ian Hanness, 57, and says from the age of four she has felt she did not belong on Earth

‘Pleiadian energy is creative, fun, loving and healing. The Pleiades, also known as The Seven Sisters, is the star cluster that is most obvious in the night sky to the naked eye.

‘I think if most people ask themselves if they truly believe they were born just to have a job, a partner, a house and kids, while worrying about bills, most would admit life is about more than that.

‘Today I work with people awakening to their true purpose by helping them connect with their spiritual inner selves.

‘When the Pleiadian cluster star system is visible from October and throughout winter, it feels magical and comforting — like a direct line to ‘home’. But right now for me, home is here on planet Earth.’

Ian says: ‘I was a fire officer for 30 years and have obviously led a different life to Rosanna’s.

‘She’s helped me get away from the trauma associated with that world.

‘However, my friends are a mixture of cautious and curious. Many men are scared of someone like my wife because they don’t understand her.’

For more informaiton visit rozyglow.com 

It’s my job to make humans feel better so I never say no

Photographer Violet Butler, 46, is married to Anthony, 48. They have four children aged 26, 17, 15 and five, and live in West London. She says:

‘I’ve known I’m from somewhere else in the universe ever since I was a little girl, yet it was only in 2021 that I came across the term ‘starseed’ and instantly thought: ‘That’s me’.

‘So, why share something about myself that is bound to be considered, in polite terms, bonkers, so publicly?

‘Quite simply, I think it is naive and a bit arrogant to assume there aren’t any other races in the universe, or that they haven’t found a presence on Earth.

‘I still don’t know which galaxy, planet or star system I’m from. It’s different for everyone, but I suspect the information was erased from my memory before I was born.

‘Yet I have always ‘known’ I was incarnated on Earth to make humans feel better. It’s why I stopped using the word ‘no’ a decade ago.

Photographer Violet Butler, 46, is married to Anthony, 48, and says she thinks it is naïve and a bit arrogant to assume there aren’t any other races somewhere in the universe

‘How does this work in everyday life? Well, I always try to help people look for other options instead of having the usual negative response to any situation.

‘I believe lots of starseeds like me came to Earth to encourage humans to think positively and make humanity a better race — and where’s the harm in that?

‘Each day I’m out and about in London, I will smile at strangers and talk to people who are on their own.

‘I love looking at the stars. While it isn’t easy in London, I always choose to go on holiday somewhere with no air pollution so I can lie down, look at the night sky and take in the stars and planets.

‘I do get homesick for where I came from. I have a very strong feeling that in other star systems there is only love and peace, and no wars.

‘Whenever I feel down or depleted of energy, I take myself off to a quiet space, raise my left arm and direct my hand towards the sky.

‘I don’t know where or what I am connecting with in the universe, but I feel a charge of positive energy flow through me. I always feel better the next day. I’ve been doing it for decades and it’s as natural to me as brushing my teeth.

Anthony says: ‘I like to joke that Violet isn’t all there — but in a nice way. While I know she isn’t hurting anyone, I do point out to her that she is from the same place as the rest of us.

‘Of course we like to stargaze together, but I prefer to look for tangible things such as the International Space Station, and not some place that she calls ‘home’.’

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