WWDC 2024 live blog: AI, iOS 18, macOS 15 and all the last-minute news and rumors before the keynote

WWDC 2024 live blog: AI, iOS 18, macOS 15 and all the last-minute news and rumors before the keynote


Apple tipster and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman had some interesting insights into what Apple could do with AI over on Twitt… X. 

“Apple’s AI push isn’t so much about its current devices, but enabling its next wave of hardware from AR glasses to AirPods with cameras to potentially humanoid robots and more,” Gurman posted. 

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I have a mild suspicion that the need for onboard AI processing will see a whole range of Apple devices get new custom chips. And that could change their overall design to incorporate new things like enhanced cooling systems for extended performance. 

I’m talking a bit of extra thickness for iPhones as an example; think evolution not revolution. 

While AI is very much the buzzword of the world of tech right now, I suspect that Apple will make its presentation all about the seamless integration of AI and generative AI features. 

What will be curious is to see if Apple champions its own AI efforts or leans towards work done by the likes of OpenAI and ChatGPT. Apple has long gone its own way, but with AI it could take a different route. 

iPhone 16 dummy units leak

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Having said all of that, WWDC is likely to give us a taste of what we could see from next-generation hardware. 

My own series of predictions has AI-centric ship baked in at the heart of the iPhone 16, Apple Watch 10 and more. 

Speaking of a lack of hardware, I’ve dug into what not to expect at WWDC 2024, for more details on the things we don’t reckon we’ll see. 

So give that a look so you can avoid any disappointment. Of course, also be prepared for some sudden surprises. 

A MacBook, iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple gift box on a grey background

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So what should you expect from WWDC this year? Well I’ve penned an article with 5 things to expect from WWDC 2024 for your reading pleasure. 

But in short: forget hardware and prepare for a whole lot of AI. 

So first thing first, for everything WWDC 2024, check out this section on TechRadar. For everything else, you’re in the right place. 

Good morning from the UK. Roland Moore-Colyer here to take you through the preamble ahead of WWDC 2024. Let’s do this. 


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