You’ll Soon Be Able to Control AirPods by Nodding video     – CNET

You’ll Soon Be Able to Control AirPods by Nodding video – CNET

You'll Soon Be Able to Control AirPods by Nodding


Speaker 1: Let’s start off with AirPods, which are the most loved headphones in the world with an incredible audio experience. This year, we’re making it even easier to interact with Siri for a seamless hands-free experience. For those instances when you may not want to speak out loud in response to Siri, like on the bus to work, or in those places that are a little too crowded, we’ve created the ability to simply nod your head yes, or gently shake your head no to interact.

Speaker 2: [00:00:30] Call from Gagan. Answer it. Okay.

Speaker 1: AirPods are also perfect for staying in touch with friends and colleagues by taking calls anywhere, even in windy conditions or places with loud background noise. So to ensure your voice will sound crystal clear no matter your environment. We’re bringing voice isolation to AirPods Pro, powered by Advanced computational audio. Voice [00:01:00] Isolation removes the background noise around you to deliver the best call quality.

Speaker 2: Call from David. Answer it.

Speaker 3: Oh, hey. Just about to call you.

Speaker 4: The meeting went so well, I, so sorry. It’s really noisy. Can you hear me okay?

Speaker 5: That’s amazing news and yeah, I can hear you totally fine.

Speaker 1: AirPods are also great while playing games, thanks to their exceptional audio quality. To level up this experience, we’re expanding personalized spatial audio [00:01:30] to include gaming so that you’ll be in the middle of the action like never before. We’ve built a new API so game developers can easily deliver the most immersive listening experience, and we’re excited to announce that Need for speed Mobile by Tencent Games in EA will be one of the first titles with personalized spatial audio coming this fall.

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