‘Desperation to be the centre of the universe’ people slate mother of the bride for ‘insane’ and ‘cheap’ wedding outfit

‘Desperation to be the centre of the universe’ people slate mother of the bride for ‘insane’ and ‘cheap’ wedding outfit

MANY people know there is one rule when it comes to weddings – don’t upstage the bride.

However, one mother-of-the-bride left a big impression when she turned up at her daughter’s wedding in a see-through dress with just a bikini underneath.

A mother-of-the-bride shocked people wearing a blue bikini and see-through dress to the wedding
A mother-of-the-bride shocked people wearing a blue bikini and see-through dress to the weddingCredit: Reddit

The mum attended the nuptials of the two women in the sheer crystal mesh dress and a blue bikini.

And while the outfit caused a stir, it was in replacement of another option that had upset the bride.

The mum had reportedly planned to wear a white gown, but her daughter had begged her to not upstage her wife-to-be.

However, many people were still shocked at the sheer outfit, which someone said resembled a “cheap polyester nightie.”

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One person said: “That’s so inappropriate to wear underwear at a wedding.” 

Another added: “I would not have allowed her anywhere near my photographer. That is insane.”

A third replied: “The outfit is not appropriate for a wedding.”

However, some people thought the mum looked incredible.

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One person added: “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” 

And someone wrote: “Oh that’s so hot and she’s 57?”

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Wedding Dress Drama: Guest Asked to Leave Over Outfit

Some said they would be furious if they were the bride due to the revealing nature of the mother’s attire.

One commented: “I’d be fuming if I were the bride.”

Another wrote: “Why would you wear a bikini to a wedding? You’re not at a beach and you are the mother of the groom.”

The daughter, however, didn’t appear to be too perturbed at her mother’s outfit and thanked her mum online.

Everyone seemed to be in high spirits as they marked the special day and smiled in photos.

Dos and don’ts of wedding dress codes

By Josie Griffiths, Fabulous deputy editor and bride-to-be.

I’ll never forget the wedding I went to in October 2022 where a guest wore a white dress.

It was ill-fitting, knee length and looked nothing like an actual wedding dress, but that didn’t stop everyone judging her.

The rules on wedding guest outfits – which are annoyingly loads stricter for women than they are for men – are meant to be about “not upstaging the bride”, which in reality is quite hard to do on someone else’s wedding day.

But if you get it wrong as a guest, you do end up looking a bit silly, and in front of loads of people who don’t know you personally.

It’s just not the occasion for your new white dress, as much as online stores love dumping them in the ‘wedding guest’ section.

I’d avoid anything too tight/short, and ditch super formal gowns unless the dress code calls for them – you don’t want to be in a full length sequin gown at a smart casual event.

Personally I don’t like black dresses either, it isn’t a funeral.

Otherwise you should be pretty safe. Technically wearing red means you’re in love with the groom, but that’s the kind of rule most people would scoff at nowadays.

I do always check what colour the bridesmaids are in, just to be safe, after the Spanish wedding where I watched them walk down the aisle in the exact same dress I’d had in my Asos shopping basket just weeks earlier.

If in doubt, safest to just double check with the bride… but if you’re already doubting your dress that might be all the answer you need.

According to Brides.com, traditionally, the mother of the bride’s gown should compliment (but not match) the colour of the wedding party’s attire.

For instance, if the bridal party is wearing black cocktail dresses, as the mother, something in silver or grey would work perfectly. 


Or, if the bridesmaids are wearing cobalt blue, a navy dress would be spot on. 

While there isn’t one specific colour or style that the mother of the bride should wear, unless you’ve received approval from the couple, it’s best to steer clear from white, ivory or champagne hues as not to take attention away from the bride. 


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