Ice-T Learned About His ‘SVU’ Character’s Shocking Fate From His Castmates: “I’m Like, ‘What?’” 

Ice-T was caught just as off-guard as fans were about the sudden twist in the Season 25 finale of Law & Order: SVU. 

Warning: SVU spoilers ahead!

Ice-T’s character on the show, Fin Tutuola, was shot in the season finale following a confrontation. According to People, Ice-T found out about his character’s fate from his castmates before he was able to finish reading the episode’s script himself. 

“I was reading the pages. I didn’t know. So I’m here in the script, and everybody’s like, ‘You’re getting shot!’ I’m like, ‘What?’ That could be BAD,” he told People.

The confrontation in the episode occurs between Tutuola and a young boy, whose father Tutuola put in jail. Throughout their conversation, Tutuola maintains his composure despite the weapon being pointed at him. When the conversation begins to escalate, Tutuola lunges towards the boy to try to disarm him. In the midst of the struggle, the gun goes off, shooting Tutuola in the arm. 

Luckily, Ice-T’s beloved character survived the attack, much to the relief of fans. 

While it’s not Ice-T’s first rodeo putting his character in danger, including another gunshot his character suffered back in Season 6, the actor still gets concerned when his character is injured — and worries that he may be killed off the show. 

Ice-T as Tutuola

“He just wants to make sure he doesn’t die,” co-star Mariska Hargitay said in an interview with  Entertainment Weekly earlier this year.

“I want to make sure I don’t die,” Ice-T confirmed in the EW interview.

“I got shot in this episode [in season 6], and as soon as I read it, I went like this—” he said as he proceeded to frantically flip through an imaginary script in front of him. “I was like… ‘Oh, wow… I’m alive!’”

The season marks the 25th anniversary of the show, making it the  longest-running scripted drama ever in U.S. primetime. The show has been renewed for a 26th season, expected to premiere in the fall of this year. 

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit can be streamed on Peacock.

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