Shocking moment huge brawl erupts at Parklife in front of shocked music fans: Police make 52 arrests across the festival and seize ‘weapons and illegal drugs’

Shocking moment huge brawl erupts at Parklife in front of shocked music fans: Police make 52 arrests across the festival and seize ‘weapons and illegal drugs’

  • People in the brawl threw objects at each other and one man fell to the ground
  • Horrified attendees watched on or dispersed to avoid the violent male brawlers 
  • 52 arrests were made over the course of the weekend festival in Manchester 

This is the shocking moment a large brawl exploded amongst masses of revellers at Parklife music festival in Manchester.

The violent outburst was caught on video and shared online as several men appeared to be aggressively throwing punches at each other at the event.

Horrified festival-goers were captured either trying to avoid the bust up or simply watching in shock as music blared in the background.

During the chaos, one man can be seen falling to the ground while a cylindrical object, possibly a can, is thrown from out of shot at another man.

Then another one of the brawlers picks up the object and wields it before the end of the video, which was first posted on TikTok

Brawlers threw punches and chased each other while crowds dispersed to avoid the chaos

Some fans watched on in horror as a large group of men started fighting with each other inside the festival grounds

The video of the big brawl was shared first on TikTok and then multiple times online

 ‘Isolated incidents can always take place where large gatherings of people congregate together,’ a spokesperson for Parklife told the Manchester Evening News.

A total of 52 people were arrested over the weekend of the festival at Heaton Park.

Offences people were arrested for included possession with intent to supply drugs, assault and robbery.

Weapons and illegal drugs, including vast amounts of nitrous oxide – now a Class C drug – were seized from some offenders.

Those arrested were either on the grounds of the festival or on nearby streets.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said the footage of the brawl will be ‘reviewed’ with organisers of the event. 

Of the 52 arrested, 41 suspects were taken into custody. The further 11 suspects will be ‘dealt with in a non-custodial matter’, GMP said. 

In response to the massive brawl, a GMP spokesperson said: ‘We were not made aware of the incident but will now review alongside event organisers. 

The Parklife spokesperson added: ‘Working alongside our operational partners in Greater Manchester Police and other local authorities, we’re pleased to see a significant decrease in arrests and anti-social incidents both on and off-site at the festival this year.

‘Faced with challenging weather conditions, we want to thank the vast majority of festival-goers for their responsible behaviour across the weekend.’

Parklife attendees fell victim to rainy weather and mudslides over the weekend, especially on Sunday.

One man appeared to duck between two other men in the left of the frame to dodge punches and then fell to the ground

Fans watched on in shock at the outburst and one man was knocked to the ground during the aggressive brawl

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