Wild moment woman strips naked on top of car in middle of California highway during police chase

Wild moment woman strips naked on top of car in middle of California highway during police chase

  • A woman was filmed stripping naked and standing on the roof of a car 

A woman was caught on camera stripping off and standing on the roof of a car naked, while being chased by police along a busy highway in California

In footage posted to social media, the police chase had slowed to a crawl along the I-405 near the Culver City neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Two California Highway Patrol cars could be seen attempting to pull over the black SUV in the HOV lane when the vehicle comes to a halt and a woman suddenly manages to get out through the sunroof.

The 35-year-old woman could be seen raising her hands in the air while dressed in grey shorts and a white T-shirt before she suddenly rips off her clothes entirely, while still standing atop the vehicle. 

The woman raises her hands in the air and then takes off her t-shirt exposing her breasts. 

She flashed motorists who could not believe what they were witnessing with at least two passing drivers capturing the bizarre sight on their cell phones. 

‘Get it girl, get it girl, get it girl!’ one driver filming the action could be heard cheering. 

She then pulls down her shorts below her ankles leaving her standing in the roof, in the middle of traffic, completely in the nude.

After the stripping, the woman filming was suddenly lost for words as she exclaimed, ‘Oh my f***ing God!’ 

The slow-speed chase on the I-405 near Culver City ended when the black SUV stopped and the woman climbed out through the sunroof

The woman raised her hands, removed her clothes, and flashed stunned motorists, with some capturing the incident on their phones

She was arrested shortly afterwards on felony charges of evading, resisting arrest and battery. 

The stunt follows another incident which saw a naked man sporting only a cowboy hat be taken in by authorities after he was seen walking on a Michigan highway covered with snow.

Footage of the man’s barefoot I-75 trek in Auburn Hills was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday by user Francis Gojcaj.

‘A man, roughly 50 to 60 years old, was walking on 75 freeway in the City of Auburn Hills Michigan during a blizzard,’ the video’s description says. ‘Yee haw cowboy lol.’


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