The Most Deranged And Disgraceful Presidential Administration In History | Ep. 921

The Most Deranged And Disgraceful Presidential Administration In History | Ep. 921

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Biden Administration earned yesterday the ignoble distinction of being the first Administration in history to fly a trans flag outside of a government building. They’re also the first to officially endorse chemically castrating children. Also, Kamala Harris once again humiliates herself by trying to say sentences out loud. Biden receives his fourth covid shot live on camera. Caitlin Jenner gets a job with Fox News. A deep, dark secret about Clarence Thomas is exposed. You have to see this to believe it. And in our Daily Cancellation, we will for the last time revisit Slapgate to talk about the real villain in that whole debacle who has so far been left off the hook.

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