This Stupid-Handy Gadget Handles My Least-Favorite Part of Doing Laundry

Can we all take a moment of silence in honor of the days of infomercials past? In our Lord’s name, Billy Mays, we pray. There’s something so soothing about the familiar drone of an overexcited middle aged man hawking a product I desperately don’t need… wait, do I? It’s not like the ShamWow is the greatest invention since the telephone, but he’s so convincing, so enthusiastic…just as excited as I am about the Laundry Turtle

Yes, folks, it looks like a hula hoop with some spandex over the top—in fact it pretty much is that, but it also serves an incredible purpose and solves a problem that I’m sure a lot of you have. If you do your own laundry, there comes the inevitable time when you have to load your arms up with soggy clothes, then hunch around with them like you’re carrying a giant beach ball and the floor is lava. God forbid you drop a clean sock in the cesspool of spilled OxiClean, pet hair, and lint that waits below your feet, as you inch, like Gollum, towards the dryer and throw yourself and the giant wad of laundry at the machine, praying it all makes it in there. That back-breaking ritual ends today, as soon as you give in to the absolute ridiculousness that is the Laundry Turtle.

$23.99 at Amazon

$23.99 at Amazon

Bet you didn’t think you were gonna end up crying while reading an article about a made-for-TikTok product, but the story behind the “little turtle” is one of love and compassion, created by a doting son, who made the laundry turtle as a “tribute to [his] mom, the amazing lady who [his] family affectionately nicknamed, Tartaruguinha, ‘Little Turtle,’ in English.” See? I told you it was sweet. As his mother grew older, it became harder for her to do everyday tasks, and out of a desire to make her life easier, the Laundry Turtle was born. 

Laundry Turtle Makes Me Hate Doing Laundry a Lot Less

It’s the simplest of ideas, one that cuts down on energy and time wasted doing the laundry. Just unfold your turtle, which is made of Lycra and soft foam, stick it on top of all your clean clothes, rotate the drum, et voilà! Tug on the handles and all of your laundry comes out in one fell swoop (it’s okay to pull hard if you overstuff your washer like me). Then you simply plop it in the dryer, spin the drum again, and pull the Turtle  out. It’s also a dream for carrying laundry elsewhere to fold, is less clunky than a plastic bin, and tucks away into its own little shell when not in use. The best thing is that it’s available in two sizes, so make sure you measure your washer dryer first. 

I got the smaller size, which fit perfectly, but the great thing about the foam ring is that it’s super flexible so you can jam it into the machine and not worry about it breaking like plastic. The only caveat is that it’s only for front-loading machines, sorry top-loaders. Sure it only has one use, and it may seem a little pricey for a hoop and some fabric—but I have not felt one ounce of buyer’s remorse. 


Laundry Turtle is available at Amazon.

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