Ana Navarro Says Prince Harry Is “Embarrassing and Humiliating His Family” Amid Shocking Book Tour on ‘The View’

Ana Navarro Says Prince Harry Is “Embarrassing and Humiliating His Family” Amid Shocking Book Tour on ‘The View’

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As Prince Harry continues the media tour for his tell-all autobiography, Sparethe ladies of The View are weighing in on the bombshell claims he’s made about the rest of the royal family.

The conversation was sparked during a Hot Topics segment about a recent op-ed from Ronald Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis, who warned Harry that she “regrets going public with allegations against her family” in her 1992 “controversial” autobiography, The Way I See It.

“There’s so many families across the world that are dealing with blended marriages, that are dealing with uniting children, that are dealing with affairs and messy divorces and trauma and sibling rivalry,” Ana Navarro told the panel. “And I think, frankly, what Harry is doing is maybe good for himself and his internal healing, but I think it’s making the healing of those wounds more difficult.”

Later in the discussion, Sunny Hostin said that what Harry really wants is his “family back without the institutional piece.” She said, “They are not acting as a family unit. And he’s been in years of therapy.”

However, Navarro was still skeptical of any chance of reconciliation between the estranged prince and his older brother, Prince William, or his father, King Charles.

“What Patti Davis said in that op-ed was, ‘People usually don’t respond well to being embarrassed or humiliated,’” she pointed out. “He is embarrassing and humiliating his family.”

Meanwhile, Hostin noted, “Even if it’s the truth,” with which Navarro agreed.

Whoopi Goldberg chimed in at the end with her own opinion, explaining that Harry “feels that both he and his wife have tried to mend this quietly and privately.”

She continued, “Listen, you know what? This is how people learn. Sometimes it’s the wrong thing to do. But you’re not gonna know that until you do it.”

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