My mum hates my son’s name so much she refuses to use it – she goes by a nickname instead and I think it’s stupid

My mum hates my son’s name so much she refuses to use it – she goes by a nickname instead and I think it’s stupid

PICKING a baby name that everyone in the family loves is highly unlikely.

But one grandma has been slammed for being selfish after her daughter revealed she refuses to use her grandson’s name.

The grandma has refused to use her grandson's name
The grandma has refused to use her grandson’s nameCredit: Getty

Taking to Reddit, the mum revealed she picked Leon as her baby’s name.

But the grandma has refused to use his name and has instead settled for only using his nickname.

Unfortunately, the name is the same as one of the gran’s in-laws who she hates – and now she’s refusing to use it.

The mum said: “In my opinion that’s a stupid reason considering I’ve never heard anything about this person before now.”


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The grandma is steadfast in her choice, as she says one cousin-in-law, also named Leon, was ‘horrible to the family’.

She added: “My mum decides to tell me that she has a cousin-in-law that I have NEVER heard of before named Leon who was horrible to the family, and she hates the name and won’t say it- will only call him a nickname.”

The pair ended up getting into an argument over her mum’s refusal to use the name.

“Today I told her to ‘get over it’ when she proposed another ‘nickname’ for him and now she’s really upset with me because she thinks she needs a say in her grandchild’s name,” she explained.

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People quickly took to the comments section of the post, and many slammed the woman’s mum.

One wrote”Your mother is way out of line! Don’t let her choose what to call your baby.

“It’s ridiculous to object to a name she has a negative association with – soon the name of her grandson will have nothing but good vibes.”

Another person commented: “What a selfish mother you have.”

“Your mother’s relationship with your baby is a privilege not a right. She has no say whatsoever in your child’s choice of name and should respect your decision,” penned a third.

A fourth suggested: “It’s possible that he was so awful that no one associated with him anymore, and that’s why your mom wants nothing to do with that name.”

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