Google really wants you to embrace AI at work – Duet AI rebranded as Gemini for Workspace

Google really wants you to embrace AI at work – Duet AI rebranded as Gemini for Workspace

Google has announced wide-ranging changes to its AI platform as part of a shake-up to its Bard AI service to take on the likes of Microsoft Copilot.

Alongside the major change of Google Bard itself being renamed as Gemini, the company has also rebranded its Duet AI service, targeted primarily at business and enterprise users to supplement their office software.

Going forward, the platform will be known as Gemini for Workspace, and will include a variety of AI tools and services that the company hopes will make it an ideal productivity partner for workers everywhere.

What’s included in Gemini for Workspace?

Google first announced Duet AI at Google I/O 2023, as the tech giant’s response to systems such as ChatGPT which have kickstarted the current AI boom. 

In its blog post outlining the change, Google CEO Sundar Pichai noted, “AI is also now central to two businesses that have grown rapidly in recent years: our Cloud and Workspace services and our popular subscription service Google One, which is just about to cross 100 million subscribers.”

Adding that over a million people are already using Duet AI, Pichai said that popular tools such as “help me write” will be a central part of the rebranded platform, allowing users to submit simple prompts that can then be turned into a full email.

Elsewhere, Google Docs users will also be able to use the platform to generate and tweak content, alongside a new Docs-only AI-powered proofreader which looks to address spelling, grammar, conciseness, the active voice, wording, and sentence splits, all in an effort to take on giants like Grammarly.

Users signed up to the Google One AI Premium plan can use Gemini in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Meet.

Pichai also revealed Google Cloud customers will also see the Duet to Gemini rebrand soon, with the platform able to boost productivity for developers carrying out coding, keep businesses safe from cyberattacks, and boost productivity across the board.

It’s not entirely clear just yet how much the services will cost – at launch, Google charged businesses $30 per user per month to use Duet AI for Google Workspace

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