Drag queen revenge thriller ‘Femme’ gets nail-biting trailer

Drag queen revenge thriller ‘Femme’ gets nail-biting trailer

The latest trailer for Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping’s Femme promises a queer revenge thriller with fearless bite.

The film introduces us to Jules (Candyman‘s Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), a drag artist who suffers a violent homophobic attack that destroys his life and career. He later re-discovers his attacker, deeply-closeted Preston (1917’s George MacKay), at a gay sauna.

Since Preston doesn’t recognize Jules out of drag, Jules takes this chance encounter as an opportunity to infiltrate Preston’s life and get revenge. But as Jason Adams writes in his review for Mashable, “In what could’ve been a straight-forward revenge tale, Femme rejects the straight in favor of something fascinatingly messier.” Expect surprising empathy, murky grey areas, and lead characters with deep amounts of complexity.

“Basically, if you’ve been starving for LGBTQ characters behaving badly onscreen, then Femme is here to feed you,” Adams writes.

Femme opens March 22 in New York theaters, March 29 in Los Angeles theaters, and April 5 nationwide.



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