Slack’s new AI ‘Recap’ feature will send you a daily digest of important convos

Slack’s new AI ‘Recap’ feature will send you a daily digest of important convos

Slack has a new generative AI tool that’s like a morning newsletter for your messages.

On Thursday, the popular workplace messaging platform announced a new “Recap” feature that compiles a daily summary of important conversations. Users can choose specific channels they want to keep tabs on — and Recap will compile daily summaries that can be accessed in the sidebar.

The recaps include specific people mentioned and links to the location of the messages in the channel.

How Slack AI features aim to save you from the daunting wall of messages

As Slack VP of Product Jackie Rocca explained, it’s a way of staying on top of developments that don’t necessarily require your urgent input. “Maybe I don’t need that [conversation] to pull me out of my flow of work and I want to have this sort of daily digital newspaper to give me a summary of what’s happening in these conversations.”

Catch up on daily conversations with the recap channel on the sidebar.
Credit: Slack

Slack also announced expanded access to other generative AI features that were previously only available to Slack Enterprise users, which is the maximum subscription tier. The summary tool (uses AI to summarize conversations you may have missed) and the internal search tool (understands natural language queries to find relevant messages) are now available as an add-on to all of the paid Slack plans.

Rocca wouldn’t disclose which large language model Slack AI uses, but said the models are completely hosted on their virtual cloud, so data stays within Slack’s servers. It also doesn’t use any customer data to train its models.

For an extra $10 a month, you can get these three Slack AI features for Pro, Business+, and Enterprise accounts. Sorry, free Slack users; you’ll have to upgrade if you want some AI magic to help you sort through your messages.

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