Apple Redesigns Siri With AI and Glowing Borders video     – CNET

Apple Redesigns Siri With AI and Glowing Borders video – CNET

Apple Redesigns Siri With AI and Glowing Borders


Speaker 1: Right off the bat, you’ll see Siri’s got a new look. Let me show you. When you talk to Siri, you’ll notice it’s more deeply integrated into the system experience with this elegant, glowing light that wraps around the edge of your screen, and you can speak to Siri more naturally thanks to richer language understanding capabilities. Even if I stumble over my words, Siri understands what I’m getting at. What does the weather look like for tomorrow at Meir Beach? Oh wait, I meant Meir Woods.

Speaker 2: [00:00:30] The forecast is calling for clear skies in the morning near Muir Woods National Monument.

Speaker 1: Sometimes it takes me a beat to figure out what I actually want to ask Siri, and now it follows right along. Siri also maintains conversational context so I can follow up and say create an event for a hike there tomorrow at 9:00 AM

Speaker 2: Hike is scheduled for 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM on June 11th.

Speaker 1: I didn’t have to mention Meir Woods again. [00:01:00] Siri understood what I meant when I said There are also certain times when you might not want to speak to Siri out loud. What’s great is that now at any time you have the option to type to Siri with just a double tap at the bottom of the screen. I can quickly and quietly ask Siri to set an alarm,

Speaker 1: And you can switch between text and voice communicating in whatever way feels right for the moment. We’re also laying the groundwork for some brand [00:01:30] new ways that Siri will be able to support you, one of which is its extensive product knowledge. Siri now holds a great deal of information about features and settings and can answer thousands of questions when you want to know how to do something on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, even if you don’t know exactly what a feature is called, you can just describe it and Siri will find the info you’re looking for like this. How can I write a message now and have it be delivered [00:02:00] tomorrow? Siri understood what feature I was referring to, and now I have step-by-step guidance on how to use the new send later feature in messages. Everything I’ve showed you so far will be available from the moment you start using Apple Intelligence, and over the course of the next year, we’ll be rolling out more features that make Siri even more personal and capable.

Speaker 1: Imagine that I’m planning to pick my mom up from the airport and I’m trying to figure out my timing. Siri is going to be able to help me do this so easily. Siri, when [00:02:30] is my mom’s flight landing? What’s awesome is that Siri actually cross-references flight details that my mom shared with me by email with real time flight tracking to give me her UpToDate arrival time. What’s our lunch plan? I don’t always remember to add things to my calendar, and so I love that Siri can help me keep track of plans that I’ve made in casual conversation like this lunch reservation my mom mentioned in a text. How long will it take us to get there from the airport? I haven’t had to jump from mail to messages to maps [00:03:00] to figure out this plan and a set of tasks that would’ve taken minutes on my own and honestly probably would’ve resulted in a call to my mom could be addressed in a matter of seconds. That’s just a glimpse of the ways in which Siri is going to become more powerful and more personal. Thanks to Apple Intelligence.

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