Dems & GOP Resort to Embarrassing Crying at January 6 Commission | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

Dems & GOP Resort to Embarrassing Crying at January 6 Commission | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about how Rep Adam Kinzinger and Rep. Adam Schiff started off the January 6th commission with some theatrical crying, Anthony Fauci making it official that vaccines won’t spare you from mask mandates, and the hypocrisy of the Biden border crisis. First, Dave shares clips from the January 6 Commission. The commission’s goal is to obtain answers about the exact causes of the Capitol riot. The independent commission is off to quite a theatrical start as both Rep Adam Kinzinger and Rep. Adam Schiff wept when discussing the importance of the Capitol riot investigation. Next, it looks like we’ll be wearing masks forever. Dr. Fauci made it official that the mask mandate is reinstated for vaccinated people indoors if they live in a COVID hot spot. The Delta variant has caused this new wave of fear. Dave also shares a highlight reel of all of Fauci’s disinformation and confusing messages on face masks. Finally, Dave discusses comments from former ICE Director Tom Homan who criticized the hypocrisy of the Biden immigration policy. He points out that while tens of thousands of unvaccinated asylum seekers are being allowed into our country at the US Mexico border, he keeps the border with Canada completely closed for fear of COVID. Maybe the Donald Trump immigration policy wasn’t as crazy as some thought.


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