‘House of the Dragon’: Larys Strong and That Weird Foot Scene Explained     – CNET

‘House of the Dragon’: Larys Strong and That Weird Foot Scene Explained – CNET


House of the Dragon’s ninth episode, titled The Green Council, was among the show’s best yet. It was clever, allowed Alicent Hightower to shine like never before, and was effective in building anticipation for next week’s finale. There was one scene that stuck out in particular though, and not necessarily in a good way.

It has to do with Larys Strong who, in discomforting fashion, was revealed to have a nasty foot fetish. Not nasty like people-who-like-feet-are-weird nasty. But coercive nasty. If you saw episode 9 and are wondering what you hell you just watched, I’m here to tell you that it was, unfortunately, what you thought it was. Caution: House of the Dragon spoilers ahead. In addition, this recap references sexual coercion.

What did Larys Do in Episode 9?

Larys is Queen Alicent’s unofficial master of whisperers. For much of House of the Dragon’s first season, he’s kept her abreast of happenings, opportunities and liabilities. He did exactly that in episode 9, making Alicent aware of the ring of spies that “White Worm” Mysaria has inside the Red Keep.

But that information comes at a price. While Alicent speaks with Larys, she takes her shoes off and places her stocking-adorned feet on the table between them. Larys reveals the existence of the spies and says that Alicent’s father, Otto Hightower, is aware of its existence. He has more information, but stops himself from spilling it.

To get it out of him, Alicent has to peel her stockings off and lay her bare feet on the table. Larys then explains that Alicent’s servant is one of the spies and indicates that he could take out the spymaster if the queen wishes it. Alicent seems all too aware of what this means.

She sighs, puts her feet up on a nearby chair and looks away from Larys. Larys then sneaks his hand down his pants and starts masturbating to the queen’s nude feet.

Alicent’s response to Larys — to putting her feet on the table, taking her stockings off and then finally placing her feet in full view and turning away — indicates this isn’t the first time this transaction has happened.

Later in the episode, when Erryk is escorting Rhaenys out of the Red Keep, we see a servant has been hanged, and what appears to be Mysaria’s headquarters has been lit aflame. We can’t confirm until next week, but it looks an awful lot like Larys’ handiwork.

Who is Larys Strong anyway?

Larys Strong, also known as “the Clubfoot,” is the son of Lyonel Strong, who briefly served as Hand of the King after King Viserys sacked Otto Hightower from the job. You’ll also remember Larys’ brother, Harwin Strong. Harwin was a City Watch guard, and the real father of Jacaerys and Lucerys Targaryen, the sons Rhaenyra Targaryen claimed to have had with Laenor Velaryon.

Larys, aligning himself firmly in team Hightower, in episode 6, organized for both his father and brother to be killed on their return to Harrenhal. The following episode, we learn that Larys has since been named Lord of Harrenhal.

He first acquainted himself with Alicent when she was alone in the Godswood contemplating Rhaenyra’s rumored fling with Daemon. Larys revealed to Alicent that morning-after tea was sent to Rhaenyra’s quarters by Viserys — the first of many secrets he’d share with the queen. Larys has served the queen since episode 5, which means he’s been at her side for about 16 years in House of the Dragon canon. 

We didn’t know what he got out of the arrangement. Now, we unfortunately do.


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