Gilbert Arenas: Not winning with Suns would be Kevin Durant’s ‘biggest failure’

Gilbert Arenas: Not winning with Suns would be Kevin Durant’s ‘biggest failure’

NBA great Gilbert Arenas believes Kevin Durant is facing more pressure with the Suns then he has his entire career.

On Fubo Sports’ “No Chill with Gilbert Arenas” this week, the former All-Star claimed that if the Suns don’t win the 2023 NBA Finals, it will undoubtedly be the “biggest failure” of Durant’s career.

“Chip, chip with the dip,” Arenas said when asked about the Suns’ odds of winning the championship. “I don’t even know why we’re playing. This is not even a question. You have [Durant and Devin Booker] that’s capable of 50, 60, 70 [points]. Both half-court players. Both mid-range players. Both players you can’t actually play one-on-one, they’ll eat you alive.”

Durant certainly has some blemishes on his Hall of Fame career already though. His Thunder team choked away a 3-1 lead against the 73-win Warriors in the 2016 Western Conference finals. He then joined Golden State, winning a pair of titles before bolting for the Brooklyn, where he joined forces with Kyrie Irving and James Harden to sew more Nets chaos than playoff games. All three demanded trades out of town, tying Durant to one of the biggest failures in NBA history.

Despite all of that, Arenas thinks this Sun’s team is simply too talented.

Kevin Durant, of the Phoenix Suns, speaks during a media availability
Kevin Durant’s trade to the Suns comes with some serious pressure.
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“They were having trouble scheming just for Devin Booker himself,” Arenas added. “Now you just added arguably the best scorer in today’s game right now. … Then you have —who can argue — the best assist-to-turnover ratio guard in NBA history in Christ Paul.”

The combination of Durant, Booker and Paul make for an imposing trio, and up the stakes much more considerably for the Suns — especially for their newly acquired star.

“If they don’t win, f–k the Nets’ group” Arenas said, “this would be the biggest failure for Kevin Durant.”

gilbert arenas on the no chill podcast
Ex-NBAer Gilbert Arenas didn’t mince words when it came to the Suns.
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The Suns currently sit behind the Celtics and Bucks as the teams favorited to bring home the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy in June .

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