I’m crazy about my girlfriend but can’t get an erection – it’s embarrassing

I’m crazy about my girlfriend but can’t get an erection – it’s embarrassing

DEAR DEIDRE: I’M a flop in bed and it’s so embarrassing.

I’ve recently got serious for the first time with a woman I really like.

We’re both 24 and everything is great, except when we try to make love.

I end up losing my erection.

My girlfriend is fine about it and says that it will happen in time but it’s really getting me down.

I’m fine on my own, so I know it’s not a physical problem. I think it’s nerves.

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It’s never happened with previous partners and I’m getting really worried.

What if I can never get it up again? I’m crazy about this girl but if I can’t solve this problem I’m sure she’ll start looking elsewhere.

I don’t want to lose what could be the love of my life over this.


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DEIDRE SAYS: This woman really matters to you, so it’s natural that you want everything to be perfect.

That causes anxiety, which can make things flop when it comes to crunch time in bed.

You need to stop that cycle.

Suggest you don’t try to have full sex for a few weeks and concentrate on loving foreplay.

This will help remove the pressure and your erections should return.

Read my support pack Solving Erection Problems, which should help.

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